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We recommend installing Chrome

Minimum browser requirements: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome 21, Safari 6.1, Safari for iOS 7.1 or higher, Android Browser 4.4 or Firefox 28. Use of older browsers may result in unexpected behavior.

Ensure that JavaScript is enabled and cookies are turned on.

Legacy Internet Explorer Support

Effective January 12, 2016, Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Internet Explorer versions 10 and lower. This means these versions of IE will no longer receive any security updates, and are vulnerable to new threats. In order to support a secure data environment, KDQOL-Complete will not support connections from vulnerable browsers.

If you are on a version of Windows that does not support IE 11 (XP or Vista), you should talk to your IT department about upgrading to a supported version of Windows, as your operating system is also not receiving security updates. In the meantime, you can be more secure by using a browser that is still receiving security updates such as Firefox.

Users on Windows 7 or later might still benefit from using Chrome or Firefox.