About KDQOL Complete

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KDQOL COMPLETE™ data entry service*

The Medical Education Institute can save you time – by doing your data entry for you. Just send us your surveys and we will enter them into your KDQOL COMPLETE account.

* You must be a KDQOL COMPLETE subscriber to use this service.


For $2 per survey (plus shipping), we will do all the data entry for you. We have a minimum data entry charge of $50 per order (25 surveys, plus shipping).

Steps to submit your surveys:

  1. Number all of the KDQOL-36™ surveys you want us to enter and put them in numerical order.
  2. Print the Demographic Table and Clinic Contact Form.
  3. Enter each patient’s demographic information on the Demographic Table matching the survey number you assigned to the number on the Table.
  4. Complete the Clinic Contact Form
  5. FedEx/UPS your package of surveys (with the Demographic Table and Clinic Contact Form) to Medical Education Institute using the address on the Clinic Contact Form.

Medical Education Institute, Inc. (MEI) Steps:

  1. MEI will enter the survey and demographic data into your clinic's KDQOL COMPLETE account and then generate an invoice for the work completed.
  2. The clinic contact will receive an email from KDQOL COMPLETE stating the data are entered and a new invoice has been created.
  3. MEI will FedEx the surveys and invoice to the address and person listed on the clinic contact form.  The invoice can be paid via check or with a credit card through your KDQOL COMPLETE account.  
  4. To view the data and print patient results and/or chart reports, each clinic will need to access its KDQOL COMPLETE account.  (MEI will not print any patient or chart reports.)
NOTE: The Medical Education Institute will keep your patient information and surveys in strict confidence. PHI will be kept in a secure office and file cabinet until it is returned via FedEx (with signature required) to the clinic contact. The turnaround time for completed data entry is 5 business days from receipt of package.